Sugar and Spice Bundle


With a heaping spoon of sugar and just the right dash of spice, we’ve got the recipe and tools you need to serve up a look that is simply irresistible.

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This tantalizing bundle includes:

Cupcake- Who says you can’t have your cake and wear it too? Bring out your sweet side with this soft and decadent matte eyeshadow. 

Spiced- This warm, bronzed cream shadow is ideal for seasoning an everyday look or spicing up a smoky eye, always in perfect taste.

Coco- If you’re craving a steaming cup of hot chocolate, try warming your eyes with this matte brown shadow for a delicious indulgence. 

Ginger- This shade of coppery brown is everything nice! Add just a pinch to your makeup routine for a sweet little treat.

Blend and Tap Brush- Unblended makeup? We object! Use the soft and dense rounded end to tap eyeshadow right where you want it and the small domed end to blur and smudge like a pro. It works every time!

This sweet and spicy collection also comes with a square Classic Marble compact to keep all of your ingredients fresh. Nothing about this bundle is half-baked, so grab a fork and dive in!


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